If you guess it on the phone, you hit it. This box has accompanied a person since the 17th century. Only the richest could afford it. You may think that the author of this article has been misunderstood. He did not live, the author only teased an article in which a young girl in a fairly old picture has a small prayer book in her hand, and the “experts” believe that it is a mobile phone. Like a photo from the First World War. Some believe it and we let them swim in it. We will look at this device from another level.

Some people start to care about these devices, and I\’m not surprised. If someone buys a speaker for him and makes a rambazi out of it, he will deserve to be struck by the nose. It\’s not a phone, it\’s a person. Just as when he uses it during a conversation or on other inappropriate occasions.

dívka s mobilem

Most people start swearing at this little helper, but I repeat again. This is not the case.

Mobile devices are not actually human enemies. Exactly the opposite. In an emergency, he can save lives. He helps us in every way. Well, I do. And the fact that my friends complain that I\’m not on their phones is their business. I know when I need to, when I use my phone and when a good friend calls me, when to reach me. I personally am not allowed to use this device. It turns off mercilessly at 5 o\’clock in the evening, and also on weekends. I really don\’t want to ring my phone in the middle of a quiet forest. But she has to come with me for a photo.

focení mobilem

In conclusion, it is a personal matter for everyone how they use their phones. Whether to disturb him or invade his private life. But if someone does not know how to “face to face” during a conversation, take the phone and say that now he does not have time to answer, he will end up with me and go on his own, but the other side he will understand. Otherwise, his business.

Indeed, you should use your phone wisely. Otherwise, you may lose friends. That\’s a shame.


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