Pitfalls of Online Shopping

Without a doubt, the popularity of Internet shopping via e-shopping is steadily increasing. In brief, an e-shop is an online store that facilitates commerce on the Internet. e-shops have a product catalog and an assortment of individual products. By law, the e-shop includes contact details and, of course, terms and conditions.
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The customer selects the desired product from the e-shop offers and the actual purchase process occurs. What should we be aware of?
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Customers should focus on the confirmed online store for the above mentioned online purchase. If the store\’s website does not provide contact information, only a contact form, or if contact information is provided but is not functional, such as a phone number or email, it is suspicious. Another suspicious online store is one whose prices are too low, has a lineup of discontinued products, or whose terms of use are difficult to understand. Pre-payment only, cash on delivery only, or personal pickup may also be suspicious. Finally, the location of the online store\’s headquarters may be inappropriate. For example, the store\’s address could be a non-functioning or half-destroyed building.

What if we are already victims of a scam?

If a customer sends money to a retailer\’s account and the retailer stops contacting the customer, it is very likely that we are victims of fraud. What should I do? You need to go to the police as soon as possible and provide them with evidence, such as contact information for the retailer, e-mail and cell phone messages, and any correspondence that has taken place, including confirmation of the amount of money sent. While computer technology is ever-evolving, so are the procedures police officers use to investigate fraudulent activity.

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