The best thing about men\’s work is that you don\’t have to worry so much about anything. For example, a job like bricklayer or tile maker is totally ideal for a man. Because no one is going to stand behind a man and boss him around. I know that from personal experience. My boyfriend is a bricklayer and a roofer. On the job, someone is always asking me to do something or yelling at me to do this or that. It\’s not for me. I hate it so much that I think about quitting this job. The worst part is that my boss rubs me the wrong way at work.

I muži jsou někdy romantičtí.

I can still do it with a male boss, but I really can\’t stand being bossed by a woman. Because I take it as an insult more than if it was said by a man. Isn\’t it funny? My boyfriend is a bricklayer and roofer, and sometimes he also reinforces walls, and he says that the really nice thing about this job is that you don\’t always have to answer to someone or listen to what someone says.

Mužská práce pro ženu?

Because I can go at my own pace. And it\’s a job that needs to be done perfectly, and you don\’t want to rush it, right? Because if I have my own pace that suits him, it\’s only natural that his work will be done really well and to his liking. I told myself that I want to enjoy this job too. It doesn\’t matter if you\’re a bricklayer or a tile maker. It\’s a man\’s job, but who cares? Roofers and bricklayers are good jobs for men as well as women. Of course, it depends on what you enjoy and what you have the nerve and energy for. I know a young woman who makes a living as a painter. Sometimes I wonder what women can do. Women are already equal to men in many things, dear gentlemen, so don\’t think too much of yourselves.

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