You met, fell in love, marriage, children, and housing followed. Now all you have to do is improve and keep the family warm. But what if it\’s just that you\’re trying, while your partner is happily digging their own sand?

When I\’m in front of us

It should be self-evident that you both put families at the top of the priority list, but it may not be. While you are at work, taking care of children and home, looking for a program for family entertainment, your partner seems to have too much of his interest and is somehow a priority. Some people struggle to realize that their responsibilities have changed the day they decide to start a family. While you get up at night to make snacks, he sleeps happily, and from work he heads to coffee with friends. He has the right to breathe, no. You go to pick up the children immediately after work, find them something fun and start cleaning. If you finally raise your legs in the evening and try to exhale, he will talk to friends, go to the gym, come back tired from the pub and expect you to offer him dinner. He does not think badly, he simply forgets that he is part of the whole, and the whole is not to work for him.

otec s dcerou

If he does not change, you must change.

You tried to talk about it, promised, but the change has not yet come. It\’s time for you to change. If he thinks only of himself, who will think of you. Only you. You can not postpone childcare, but sometimes you can skip cleaning and find your own time. If he does not care about the mess, he can clean it himself. Also, it is not necessary to iron his shirt, cook a hot dinner or do many other things that he can treat beautifully on his own. Instead, you can go out for a cup of coffee with friends, read a good book or stop stressing yourself out. 

společné vaření

In a relationship, you are a team

In a relationship, you are a team, and even after subsequent changes, if you do not realize that he somewhat ignores his role in this team, then 1 of you, that is, only you should not try. At this level, when he is doing the same to you, he can\’t blame you for ignoring you. And if he wants to try, use the arguments you have to show him how you feel.


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