Like many others, the car is subject to fashion. And although previously small and compact cars were “on the course”, today the opposite is true. The trend is large and often off-road vehicles, and you can understand why. Usually they have quite a lot of power, so we can ride very fast with them. This also helps us get to where we need to go faster. Of course, you need to comply with traffic rules, but you need to admit that many drivers do not care too much. There is another positive aspect to this, which is the powerful design of the vehicle. Thanks to her, if a traffic accident occurs, the consequences are not so great. It can even save lives in some very specific cases, and this should definitely not go unnoticed.

terénní auta v terénu

Last but not least, it\’s the fact that it can be used virtually anywhere. As its name suggests, it can handle virtually any terrain. This makes it suitable, for example, for fishermen and hunters. But we must admit that there are quite a lot of positive points, but there are also negative points. Some of them can discourage us from buying, so it\’s good to know about them.

nový terénní vůz

Perhaps the most important thing is fuel consumption. Due to the powerful and powerful engine needed for driving on difficult terrain, the consumption of gasoline or diesel is significantly higher than that of classic cars. This is very important in today\’s fuel prices. After all, who will always want to be in the tank. Its size can also cause problems. It can be difficult to find a parking space. Usually other drivers don\’t park exactly in the middle, so they may have trouble getting there so they can fit in the gap and open the door and get outside.Of course, all this is good to keep in mind before buying a car. Sometimes it pays to buy a smaller car. It will be cheaper, it will cost less, and we will have less problems with it. And it is definitely worth considering.


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