The moment you decide to buy a car, you have to ask yourself a lot of questions. It is a rather large investment that will be with you for many years. There are pros and cons to every decision. This article will answer the biggest questions any motorized bicycle owner asks. Let\’s take a look!

nové auto Mercedes


If you want an older vehicle, it\’s definitely a 50-50 bet: you can buy an individual that won\’t last two years, or you can buy a model that will last for years. Whether you choose a domestic or foreign import, you should always look at a few basic factors. Ideally, you should be accompanied by someone who knows the car well enough to inspect it. If there is a mechanic you know, go with him or her.

Choose the basic parameters you want in a car and stick to them. Some units are nicely cared for. If it has been maintained in an authorizedmaintenance shop, it is definitely in good condition and is dependable. The biggest problemsare, twisted mileage, false history, poor condition, and overall track record. The advantages and disadvantages are guaranteed to be familiar to you. But the biggest advantages are

  • much better purchase prices,
  • much more choices,
  • better condition of the car (usually only a few years old),
  • less loss of value.

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Brand new and personal

Some people cannot stand the feeling that the car once belonged to someone else. The only way to avoid this is to buy a car straight from the factory. The fresh smell, the shine, and the unique sensation. You often get tires for free and, of course, the equipment of your choice. These are the biggest advantages. The disadvantages are clear. New cars are very expensive, you have to wait for delivery (sometimes for quite a long time), and the value begins to drop immediately after purchase. You can only really get your money backbefore the end of a quarter,during an event,or for a new generationof an existing model.