The Suzuki Ignis is no ordinary car

It has been almost 10 years since production and sales of the Suzuki Ignis ended. And now it is about to be revived with a completely new design. Everything has changed from the ground up. The Suzuki Ignis is available here in the Czech Republic. A mini SUV that can go anywhere, and not just on hilly roads.
suzuki model
A Japanese car with a flashy design

Everything is a bit retro. At least, it appears so at first glance. Standard features include a lane-keeping safety system. The Suzuki Ignis has a 7-inch touchscreen that allows multimedia integration with cell phones and smartphones. It also has an autonomous braking system that uses a pair of cameras through the rearview mirror. It also boasts LED headlights and heated front seats. The chamfered rear end is evident from the view and makes the car even more interesting. Also novel is the body, which is shorter than the original type. It may look like a run-down little Japanese box, but it has a lot going for it!

Of course, there is no shortage of interior features such as air conditioning and push start. It should be emphasized that the storage space this small car has is also adequate for its needs. Among the equipment is a navigation system. In short, a lot can fit into a relatively small car.

Performance, or how much horsepower is under the hood?

As a Japanese automaker, Suzuki places a premium on simplicity. This is also true of the Ignis. Since it is a minicar, it has only one engine, but its output of 66 kW is not bad for a car of this type. This combination is only realistic with a manual gearbox. This compact SUV vehicle weighs just over 900 kg, which is quite unusual for a car currently on the market.
řadící páka
The Japanese beauty of this car is well suited for city driving

Nevertheless, the Suzuki Ignis is not a road pirate. It may not be an absolute blockbuster, but it has unrivaled strengths. A well-stocked interior as well as a flashy design. And above all, the engine! Not only does it give the car just the right amount of vitality, but it is especially good in terms of fuel economy. This makes it a welcome companion in the city. The positive aspects prevail in this SUV crumbs and light car.

However, this Japanese boy can handle faster travel speeds and sharper corners. Above all, it attracts drivers with its elegance and overall quality.