Buying a new car can be quite a challenge, especially for families with children. One needs to consider what type of car is best suited as a family car. What should satisfy each person\’s needs is different. The most important aspect to choose is the safety of the equipment. This can be categorized as active or passive. Active safety features are primarily brakes and anti-slip systems. Passive safety features are belts and head restraints. The difference between these two systems lies in the moment of activation. Active elements are already activated while the vehicle is in motion, whereas passive elements are activated in the event of an accident. Modern vehicles are already equipped with very sophisticated safety systems.
škoda octavia
In addition to this, fuel economy and seating capacity are also important factors in the choice. Which cars are family-friendly and affordable? Newer models have entered the market and older models have disappeared.
1. Dacia Logan MCV: The price of this model, under 350,000 CZK, is particularly attractive, and it has a comfortable trunk and chassis. There are some drawbacks, such as cornering inclination
2. Dacia Docker: another model of this well-known brand with a convenient child loading system and very easy access to the trunk. This family car is ideal for picking up children from school or clubs. Unfortunately, it cannot be equipped with automatic air conditioning for a certain additional fee.
3. Dacia Duster: the last model in the Dacia series is a helper for family trips and long journeys. Prices are very affordable, about 250,000 CZK for the basic version and 350,000 CZK for the prestige version.
Dacia Duster

Škoda cars are very popular in the Czech Republic. Typical models chosen by families are the Škoda Octavia and the Škoda Superb. The latest models are the Škoda Kodiaq and Karoq. In today\’s world, there is a growing trend toward car ownership. Almost every family needs at least two cars: one is acquired for family trips and the second is used when the wife goes to work, for example.