For those who cannot spend a single day without their car, whether for commuting to work, shopping, taking the kids to school, clubs, movie theaters, or entertainment, a car is truly indispensable. That is why it is important to remember that it needs to be properly cared for so that it is safe for you and your surroundings, meets legal standards, and can be used as long as possible without problems. To do this, you need to treat your car as if it were a member of your family and take proper care of it. During the cold season, the car must be prepared for the winter.
přezutí pneumatik
Recommendations [check brake discs and pads, oil level, undercarriage, lighting, clean air filter
– replace winter tires, top up washer water and antifreeze
– top up antifreeze coolant (down to -25°C)
– make sure battery is fully
– Check that the battery is fully functional and charged (if white crystals form around the contacts, they should be cleaned with Vaseline and stored)
– Refill battery acid (up to -25°C)

– Rub glycerine, silicone oil or deer fat on the rubber seals of the doors and hood to make them easier to open
– Check the condition of the heating and air conditioning
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– Starter cable
– Ice scraper
– Defroster for locks, wipers
– Good quality wipers, preferably specific to your car model (important to have in case of rain or snow) It is important to have them in case of rain, snow, etc.
– broom, preferably a snow shovel
– blankets, salt or sand, torches, snow chains, or a solid mat or rubber mat under the tires if you need to get out of an avalanche
– if you have to stop in traffic (which can take hours), enough fuel and, if necessary Have food and drink for yourself and your passengers if necessary
auta pod sněhem
Do not leave everything to the last minute and schedule an appointment for inspection in advance so that you are not unnecessarily startled. Car dealers and maintenance shops offer winter service at competitive prices every year, so it is wise to take advantage of them. You can also find bargains on roof racks and boxes for skiing and snowboarding.

In winter, engines take time to warm up and generally function. In the meantime, clean all windows with a snow shovel broom or ice scraper. Don\’t forget rearview mirrors and lights. Be very careful with frozen windshield wipers. If you try to force them off, they may break. Use a defroster or apply a car heater to the windshield and rear glass. Have a safe trip and a good finish.

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