Cars are part of our lives and I am no exception. Ever since I was a kid, I have always longed for a nice car that I could drive everywhere. I am the type of person who likes to drive and go out. My father had two cars. He had one typical family car. We used it for classic family vacations and family fun. My grandmother lived 30 miles away from us and I always enjoyed it very much. We always spent almost the entire day at my grandmother\’s house. My grandmother really enjoyed the visits and we would always try to reciprocate. So we would come home pretty overloaded with coffee and tea.

Luxusní auta mám moc ráda

But we don\’t mind. I just relax in the yard and think back to when I was a kid and my brothers and I used to joke around in her yard. I had a little wooden car when I was a kid. I was born after 1980, so toys were not as perfect as they are now. We didn\’t have things like super robots, but we did have beautiful carved wooden toys again. My siblings and I loved carved wooden cars. It had wheels and we would pull it along on a string. And when we found a big hill somewhere, we were in our element. It was so much fun to drive the car down the hill and I\’ll never forget it. I even scraped my knee and broke my arm twice. So did my brother, and we all got hit every time. There was nothing we could do about it at the time, and everyone there was punished.

Jízda kamionem je žážitek

And now times are different. My children had more perfect cars. We could ride in them without pulling each other over. We had cars that ran on batteries and cars that were rechargeable. The kids loved them and I was happy to see them playing nicely together. After all, cars have always led the way for my kids and their passion for cars is something they inherited from me. My partner is not really into cars, he just has them as a means of transportation. I enjoy cars as a hobby.

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