Our economy should be in very good shape, with employment at record lows, wages rising, pensions being raised, all of which are positive. But on the other hand, everything that the state adds to people\’s pockets, such as rising energy, heating, water, and food prices, will soon be taken back.
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Indeed, already last year there were signs here and there that some distribution company was making electricity more expensive. It has been a long time since electricity and heating have been supplied at fairly affordable prices. And the distribution companies have been tempting existing and new customers that, based on their contracts, energy prices will not increase and that they alone are the cheapest. Those withfixedelectricity price contractscan expect that this component will account for about 50% of the total price

and will not become more expensive

. However,othercharges for distributionwill be more expensive for everyone, according toregulatory law. And yet the people

representing the energy regulator (ERU

) decide what percentage it will go up by. lebka a zkřížené hnáty ve vodě

and why – even “Habakkuk ” cannot explain it.

Why is it higher? The reason is that economies around the world are “moving forward by leaps and bounds” and the demand for energy resources is so high that prices on the exchanges are getting higher and higher.

lebka a zkřížené hnáty ve vodě

v water

Why does water get more expensive every year?

Logic would probably only make sense if water is and becomes scarce.Dry weather is said to be the cause of this, but if you go deeper into the problem, it is primarily our poor economy, which has done nothing to retain water in our poor landscape over the years. Almost everything that can hold water in the landscape has been destroyed. For profit, anyone who can plunder the land has plundered it. And the water has degraded, it does not stay on the surface, it does not soak into the ground, it runs off and evaporates rapidly …… This is one of the reasons.

And the second reason is that the great benefits from water distribution still flow overseas.

Did you know that most water infrastructure is owned by cities and towns? They determine prices,set up operating companiesrepair and build new sewers. [but VEOLIA Czech Republic a.s.,belonging to a French multinational,as an operating company (),has controlled the Czech water sector on a huge scale since 2001, and its business activities (Almost all of the profits from its operations () go abroad (), and thiscompany is even more so. And thiscompany wants more.

This is all about the price of water in our country from the perspective of the average consumer.


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