Methods of decision-making process

Decision making in complex situations can sometimes crack a really big nut. Each option may seem right or wrong to us, in such cases, knowing which one is actually the right one, you can use a variety of ways to help entrepreneurs make decisions. First of all, we need to understand whether we have encountered similar problems. If so, it can be solved based on previous experience. Another option is to rely on your knowledge and experience. However, if it is not possible to judge based on these facts, one of the following methods can be used.
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Brainstorming– a discussion of solving a given problem is based on a collective approach. It allows creative thinking and creates space for the imagination of the group, bringing ideas to solve problems. 5-12 people participate in this discussion. Important is the course of discussion, leadership and evaluation. Opinions are recorded without authors and can not be immediately criticized only after discussion.
Synectics method– It\’s not about calling any situation, it\’s about similar situations that should result in new solutions. Thus, this method is based on the fact that the workers involved know the problem, approach its solution based on their own experience and try to propose a solution.
Scenario method– The essence of the scenario is a hypothesis, an overview of future development and a comprehensive representation of future development. Hard methods (mathematics, modeling…Or a soft method based on explanation and intuition is used here.
Decision tree method– Represents a dynamic model applied when the fundamental direction of the solution needs to be extended to other aspects (solving multistage problems). To formalize the process, we use branch graphs (decision trees). This graph works on nodes and edges. Distinguish the basic types:
ØDecision making under certainty (deterministic model)
Ø Decision making under uncertainty (stochastic model)
Ø Coupled models are also used in practice
Methods of mathematical statistics–Probability theory, correlation analysis, time series analysis
Methods of mathematical analysis and linear algebra– Differential numbers, matrix numbers
Methods of operational analysis– Mathematical programming linear and nonlinear, parametric, dynamic, etc.Of course, it is important to study individual methods, structural analysis, theory of related processes, probability models of economic tasks
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. Different methods are suitable for different types of business and decision making. However, if you study at least 2 suitable things, it will be much easier to make a decision.