Gifts for co-workers

Is there a rule of giving gifts to each other in the workplace? If there is a system of drawing lots to decide the names of the recipients of gifts at your workplace, you will probably have a hard time deciding what to give. If you draw lots for a coworker with whom you spend a lot of time every day, you surely know her tastes and will have no problem choosing something for her. But what should you give to a colleague in the next office over who you just know? Here are a few tips to help you respond with dignity and class, so you don\’t look like someone who is sorting through gifts with impersonal vouchers. Here are a few tips to keep everyone happy and make sure you don\’t spend half your paycheck.

dárek pro myslivce

Coffee makes everyone happy

If you meet someone at the coffee maker often, you win. Surely that person is a coffee connoisseur and will be able to get you, for example, an interesting book on coffee making or a guide to the best coffee shops in Prague.

Want a more practical gift? Choose a practical French press for the office and a fine coffee to go with it. If you know the recipient already has something similar at home, give them a tasting pack of carefully selected coffees from around the world. However, the assumption is that they have a grinder at home to grind coffee. However, if you do not know how the person brews coffee, you are at risk.

dárek pro kolegyni

Office Helpers

Stationery… Everyone needs it, but few invest in it. You can\’t go wrong with a notebook with a beautiful leather cover with a beautiful lining. Accompany the notebook with a stylish pen and you have a tasteful gift.

Buying a notebook is a big risk and doesn\’t always work out! For many people, notebooks are personal and they already have a favorite brand or a format of notebook that works for them. The only way to buy a notebook for someone you only know is to buy a doer. This is a motivational diary that is not tied to the year and allows you to start writing at any time.