Most drivers don\’t think they need to do anything with the oil in the gearbox. It doesn\’t carbonize like the engine does, so there\’s nothing to be done. But they are wrong. While it is true about carbonization, there are places where it is exposed to friction and temperature changes. As a result, the lubricity of the oil decreases over time.
Service stations usually change the oil and filter. 7] I can\’t write the price here because it depends on the type of car, the type of transmission, and of course the quality of the oil used. I looked at a few websites at random and the prices ranged from 8,000 kronor to 15,000 kronor. So it would be best to call the repair shop and tell them
the above three points and ask them to give you an estimate.
Kontrola oleje
However, if you prefer to do your own oil changes at home, there is nothing stopping you from doing it. If you are doing it for the first time, practice and learn to do it. This means you must have a container to put the drained oil in. Low and flat. Be careful if the outlet is at an angle, because at first the oil will flow differently and splatter. Also, make sure you can handle the filter. If you put it on incorrectly, you will be in big trouble. Especially
newer models are virtually impossible to replace without a service because the electrical system cannot be repaired. The oil cannot be drained at all, and the entire sump must be removed. To do that is impossible in a garage without special tools.
Druh převodovky
Which oil to choose? Well, let me quote a sentence from a famous book.
“According to SAE standards,viscosity grades of oil are divided by dynamic viscosity,
which limits pumpability at low temperatures,
and kinematic viscosity at 100°C,
Uh, this is just the viscosity class. Contact your service department or look in the manual you have on hand. Or look it up on the Internet.

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