Gasoline or diesel?

Gasoline and diesel models still make up the bulk of car sales, despite a gradual increase in electric vehicle sales.
Diesel engines have recently been widely advertised by the media. No doubt, even some criticism of the emissions scandal of some automakers is a matter of course. But there is no dispute that there is a large amount of misinformation in circulation, which leads to the unfair demonization of some diesel.
I would like to introduce and revive an argument that cannot be ignored amid the endless controversy between “diesel” and the stubborn defenders of gasoline:

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· Efficiency
On average, diesel engines have a higher purchase price than gasoline engines. Many drivers can not find enough annual mileage and only travel short distances, saving money by buying a cheap gasoline car. Over longer distances, diesel engines are generally more efficient and economical.

Even the difference in the amount of debt can not be ignored. Before choosing a car, be sure to familiarize yourself with the current offers of the insurance company.


· Steering
There is no doubt that the operation of 2 types of engines when driving is different. There is a lot of “pulling force” in the diesel engine. These models require less “shift shift” to achieve substantial acceleration, thrust. If you use a car in the forest, it will also please you (for example. Tow the trunk), or you plan to carry a larger load.
Gasoline engines have less “power” in this comparison. Somewhere they offer a little less, but gasoline generally has a higher final performance. In my opinion, this type of engine is more pleasant. In general, on gasoline-type cars, driving in the direction of 1 driver will be smoother and more comfortable. But this point is suitable for discussion – it definitely depends on the specific situation (the type of car, the driving style of the driver, etc.).)


· Environmental Impact
In recent years, a lot of pressure has been put on the production of diesel models of cars (for each of them). And not just because of the VW emissions scandal. It is important to note that these problems are mainly related to old diesel engines. Modern diesel engines with exhaust gases work much more efficiently.