6 of the Strangest gatherings in the world

There are certainly fans among usRallywho literally love it. Often these are people who love fast driving and luxury cars. Anyone who has ever had the opportunity to see a meeting with their own eyes can be sure that it is an incredible experience. It\’s no wonder that the rally has more supporters than you would expect, as it is a really great one.
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In today\’s article, we will look together at the strangest rallies in the world that have never been seen before and can be seen.

Have you heard of the Crumball rally? This is an old car race that will not exceed 200 pounds today. Races take place several times a year in different parts of the world. Cars that perform this type of rally are always adjusted according to the specified theme. As an example, this year\’s race on the theme of Mission Impossible runs through France, Switzerland and Austria and ends in Prague, where the film was filmed. All you need after this race is a sense of humor and tools.

Rickshaw Challenge. This is an Indian challenge to ride a rickshaw with 3 wheels in India. It\’s really an incredible experience and these are races that are still often designed for relaxed people going out in different outfits. You can also rent a rickshaw.
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In Argentina, you can visit Mirmiras Sport. This type can be ranked among the most beautiful gatherings in the world. The race takes place in the Lake District of Patagonia. The race is attended by classic cars produced before 1980.

What about the Mongolian rally? This race is often described as the greatest adventure. It leads from England to Mongolia. You can make this very long journey in the car up to 1200 cubic centimeters. The goal is not to win, but to finish the race.

The Plymouth Banjul Challenge is a race that follows the original route of the Dakar Rally. As many as 42 teams will cross Morocco, Senegal or the Sahara Desert to Banjul, the capital of Gambia. At the end of the race, your pet will be donated to charity.

Among the last and most distinctive rallies can be the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. The United States has also not lagged behind. Every year in North Dakota, motorcycle festivals are held, which are also associated with festivals and sales events. Motorcycle fans will definitely enjoy here.