The environment has been a much discussed topic over the past few years. Islands of plastic forming in the middle of the ocean and killing marine life. In Bangladesh, small children play in piles of garbage, and next to them, families build “houses” out of a few sheets of metal. Fires in Australia and the burning of forests for oil palm cultivation. All these, and many more, are constantly projected and recalled by the media. Unfortunately, however, they still do not attract the attention and interest of many people. As long as it is not happening in our country, it is not happening. But even in our country, we can notice changes in the climate. Temperatures can change as much as 10 degrees Celsius per day; in February it can feel like the beginning of spring. What we give to the earth, the earth gives back to us. What can we do? There are many options to be more environmentally friendly and save the earth as much as we can.

Planeta v plamenech

Recycling is definitely the first. If we are going to put out trash, we should at least separate it properly. Yellow garbage cans for plastic, blue garbage cans for paper, green garbage cans for glass. However, many places have containers other than these three. The orange containers are for beverage cartons, the white containers are for clear glass, and the green containers are for colored glass. The brown ones are for organic waste, and the gray ones are for cans and metal packaging. Another way to save the earth a little is to buy glass, bamboo, or stainless steel strawsinstead of plastic straws, and cloth fruit bagsinstead of unwanted plastic fruit bags.
Dítě na skládce

A project recently devised by students and professors at Charles University can be found on their website nutri stopa. There you will find a calculatorthat calculates the nutritional footprintof a food with a written process. There, Czech dishes are pre-selected without having to write a recipe. The calculator evaluates the nutritional value of the meal and its impact on the environment, for example, the amount of water used for cooking. On this page you will find all the information on how the calculator works and recommendations on how to eat in a way that will not harm you or the environment. Take care of yourself, but also think about the planet.

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