Books or cell phones for children?

In today\’s digital world, fairy tales are the trend, and it is no surprise that children are drawn to them. Of course, it\’s safe to sit a child in front of the TV and let them listen to fairy tales. As long as they have time to do their own thing. But the question is, which is better for your child: to sit in front of the TV and get more comfort and peace of mind from your child, or to sacrifice yourself and read a book to him or her? Let\’s work together to figure out what is best for your child.

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Cartoons and animated cartoons on TV, or cartoons of any kind, are definitely great options for entertaining your child, but there is one big catch. By sitting in front of the TV and taking it all in, the child is perceiving the images happening on TV. Everything is putting information into his brain about how things should look. This is a major problem in that there is no room for imagination to develop in a child who sees everything that is in front of him. And if you mention a certain fairy tale in front of the child, the child remembers the exact image of what the characters and other things were supposed to look like.

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Conversely, if you read more books to a child, the child will have room to imagine what the story looks like and what the characters in it look like. In this way, the imagination is more nurtured. Imagination is very important for human beings because it promotes the development of the brain itself. While we cannot say that watching fairy tales on TV is bad for children, on the other hand, it is also very important to spend time reading books in bed before bed. Most of us know when to make time to read books, but it is much more difficult to do so outside of our adult childhood, when we often don\’t have much time.

So I can\’t say for sure that only one option is better than the other. A healthy mix of both is best. The child will receive different things from each.