Do you still remember the sports of your youth, when you competed with the wind on roller skates and came home exhausted, sometimes with broken knees and elbows? Those were great times, weren\’t they?

jízda na kolečkových bruslích

I know you are a few years older than that, but why not go back to your youth and try this exercise that gives you lots of endorphins and sometimes even a little adrenaline? I suggest you compensate for this with proper movement, especially if you spend most of your working hours in front of a computer or production line.

Safety first. For your first ride, choose a flat asphalt surface, such as a bike path or a less busy street.
inline brusle

Now let\’s get started. Put on your pads, helmet, and skates. If you don\’t tighten your skates enough, you will twist your ankle badly. Once your skates are on, carefully stand up and take your time to get used to them being a little higher than your regular shoes. Voila. If you can skate on ice without ever standing on roller skates, you\’ve almost won. In the beginning, it\’s important to learn how to brake properly and how to fall. Then you can gradually extend your skating to a distance that suits you and gives you a sense of satisfaction.

One thing to keep in mind is that you may be tempted to take along a large four-legged pet. You will need to gradually acclimate your puppy so that he does not suddenly stop and start pulling. This is dangerous for you, your dog, and those around you.

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