Turnkey Houses

The term turnkey house refers to the construction of a family home that is done through a construction company that provides everything from design to labor and materials. This includes not only the construction of the entire house, but also the furnishings and, if necessary, the surrounding landscaping (e.g., building fences, landscaping the yard, etc.). Once this is completed, the owner receives the keys and can move in immediately. It is possible to build according to the construction company\’s catalog or according to one\’s own project. In this case, however, the price will increase according to the documents and the architect.
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Choosing a building company is the single most important step an owner must take. A professional company will not only build the house with high quality, but will also build the house quickly and will cover the warranty period in case of any defects.
The actual contract with the construction company must include the exact final price (with or without taxes), the amount to be paid, and the completion date. Furthermore, both parties are subject to penalties: if the completion date is not met, the construction company pays; if the installment is late, the owner pays.
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While this is the most expensive option for acquiring a home of one\’s own, there are advantages to this method.
– The construction company can take over the entire construction, either building the entire home themselves or with only a few partners.
– During construction, the builder can change small elements of the building compared to the project without having to pay fines for not following the building plans. Experts know what can be changed.
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– Turnkey construction is closely related to fashion. This applies not only to home design, but also to energy efficiency.
– Compared to self-build, the completion date is known in advance. If it is not adhered to, a penalty is agreed upon, according to the contract.
– As a loyal customer, you can buy at a lower price than with a self-build.