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There are many websites hanging like flies on the net called the internet, some of them are personal blogs, someone\’s diary, some of them are positive and inaccurate media bringing us news about the world and others are presentations of business and ideas, some of them I am not afraid to say are showcases of human stupidity.

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Every company today has them. But are they always intentionally built to fulfill their mission, the original purpose for which they were built? In a world where small fish can eat big fish, can they keep up with the advances of social media? In this fiercely competitive world, we must choose the means to stay ahead of our competitors, to outpace them, to keep them at the bottom of the search engine rankings, to make them disappear. A well-designed website is a great force and can lift any company to great heights, but it can also knock you from those heights to the ground with all its might, making it impossible to assemble in pieces. Marketing wizards are trying to outdo each other with new and new ways to guarantee us new customers that will bring us greater profits and success. It will propel us forward ahead of our competitors like a rocket into the universe of this strange human network, created by humans and controlled by humans.
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We need to be more astute, more clever, more cunning than our competitors, and invest more money in advertising and promotion in more places, banner ads, PPC ads, sponsored links, and other advertising spaces, etc. The WWW will bring us very dizzying profits, but it can also pose very large and deep problems for our finances, popularity, success, social visibility, and relevance to our business partners and future and existing customers.

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