The formula called the Internet

I have a faint memory of the first computer I ever bought. It was a big box with Windows 98, a state-of-the-art marvel at the time, that could store floppy disks and a limited range of other things, and do things that today we can only smile about.
spojení kontinentů
And most importantly at this point in time, it was able to connect to the Internet.
Initially, it was only through a modem and a phone line. And one was amazed by the unexpected possibilities that began to appear in the blink of an eye. For 60 kroner an hour during the day and 20 kroner in the evenings and at night. The man typed his email and saved it in outlook. When the cheaper plan started, he clicked on the login and watched graphically as his saved emails went out into the world one after another. Then he quickly read the news and – why not admit it? It\’s hard to find someone who hasn\’t done that – a peek at some naughty things. I remember having to wait forever for one line after another to appear on the monitor, forming a kind of slow-download image, or for a short video to download.
Only a few years later, when it became possible to switch from a phone line to a private company offering Internet access for a much cheaper flat rate, the connection was much faster, despite the temptation and the certainty that an insidious virus would not secretly redirect me to an expensive phone line that would not bill me! I was not the only one! Now that\’s speed! Unbelievable.
Unbelievable until that old computer dies and is replaced by a “younger” computer that can properly enjoy the faster Internet. It was and still is! It\’s amazing!
Maybe that\’s why I\’m sticking with this parade for now. If I were to change computers or my current ISP, I might be “stunned” at how fast it is.
Simply. It\’s not what it used to be: WiFi Internet connections speed up to 14.4Mbits per second, fiber optics to 26.1Mbits per second, and cable connections to 36.2Mbits per second. Even poor phone lines also provide at least 11.8 Mbit per second.
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However, we Czechs are said to lag behind the world in overall speed, we are “loudness” and generally “crawl” at speeds below 10Mbits per second. Apparently, we have a slogan in our mouths, “Work pays little.”

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