Sensible Shopping

According to one study, most people wear 10 percent of their wardrobe 90 percent of the time. In other words, the problem is not that we don\’t have anything to wear, but that we don\’t know how to wear it or how to combine it. Is there anything we can do? Here are some tips on how to get by without wasting money.barevné ladění

Organize your wardrobe before shopping
Separate what you wear all the time from what you wear only occasionally. This will give you an idea of how much clothing you have on hand and determine what clothes you actually need to buy. If you don\’t want to throw anything away, share it with a friend or put it in a bin for clothes. In this case, the clothes should of course be cleaned and wrapped. By keeping your closet literally tidy in this way, you can make room for new clothes.

Consider the colors of your wardrobe
Clothes in neutral colors (black, white, gray) will last longer and can be combined with other clothes. Having a clear idea of what to buy will save you from rushing into shopping.

Choose timeless items
This includes classic jackets, pants, and skirts. With these evergreens
, you have the foundation of a wardrobe, and then you can look for current trends
spokojený nákup

Find clothes that can be used for a variety of purposes

What does this mean? It is realistic to look for clothing that can be used for multiple occasions. For example, a raincoat with a removable lining can be worn as a light, unlined coat in milder weather.

Choose clothing that matches what you already have
To choose the right color, wear the part of the body you want to accessorize. That way, you can make the right choice.

Take advantage of seasonal discounts
Even expensive items can be bought at a discount this time of year. So items that are not needed immediately can wait for this time of year.

In conclusion, we can say? If you shop wisely, you can avoid unnecessary claims and leave the store with something you can actually wear and enjoy.