Prepare your car for winter

Summer is over and the cold days are just around the corner. Here are some individual points on what you need to do and why, so that your car will not be surprised by the morning cold.
Zasněžené auto
1. Tires – This basic point is obvious to everyone, but don\’t forget when to retread your car so you won\’t be surprised by a blast of snow or ice. Don\’t forget that tire stores tend to be crowded in the months leading up to winter, and wait times can be weeks.
2. Window Scraper – If you\’ve never used a wallet card to scrape frost off your windows, you are definitely one of the well-prepared drivers. Winter frost can be startling, so don\’t forget this very important tool.
3. Lock the defroster – keep this on your desk at home or make a key chain out of a bottle. Many drivers keep a defroster in their car, waiting in the locked car when they need it.
4. Treat the door seals – You\’ve probably had the experience of unlocking your car but not being able to open it because the seals are frozen, but this can be easily remedied by applying silicone oil or hand cream.
5. Rubber mats – If your car has cloth mats, it is recommended that you replace them with rubber mats. Any snow water that melts during the drive will stay on the mats instead of soaking into the car\’s carpet and can be easily flushed out of the car.
6. Coolant – Don\’t forget to check for the proper concentration of coolant.
7. Windshield washer fluid – Pour a winter mixture into the windshield washer fluid to prevent cracks in the windshield washer fluid reservoir and lines. The windows need to be cleaner in the winter, but frozen fluid will not do that.
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If you are going to the mountains, it is definitely a good idea to bring chains, shovels, and rope. You can be prepared for any eventuality.