Mobile Apps

Today, it is impossible to be without cell phones, which is why mobile devices are used by almost everyone in our normal lives. In fact, mobile is really essential to lead a normal life. For example, we can save a lot of time and effort thanks to the apps that can be downloaded to our cell phones. Most of such apps are free to download and anyone can use them. Today, let\’s look at a few such apps together.

Školní autobus

Public Transportation Connections

In the past, you had to look up bus and train connections on paper or flip through timetables somewhere on the Internet. But now that is no longer the case. There are apps provided directly from the transportation companies that tell you all the connections you want to take. All you have to do is enter your departure and arrival points. In the settings, the menu is further expanded by allowing you to set whether you only want to search for direct flights or if you don\’t care about bus-to-bus transfers. The app then evaluates the selected request and displays all available connections for boarding. An advantage of the app is that it can also track buses, allowing you to click on the bus you plan to board and see if the bus is delayed, for example.



Navigation is probably familiar to everyone. Thanks to the growing availability of navigation apps, it is no longer necessary to buy an expensive car navigation system. Any smartphone can be downloaded for free and used on every trip. Furthermore, if the phone has internet, the route is recalculated while driving according to current road conditions, road closures, collision restrictions, etc. Furthermore, the navigation will show you the speed limit in any area, thanks to which you can avoid fines.