Living with a tyrant

Love is such a beautiful thing that you do not fully realize at first that your beloved is a bit rude, rude, insensitive, antisocial, egoistic, moody, and mood-switching. At first, she is so in love that she excuses everything, seeing only the beautiful things about the other person. She has confidence and a certain place in society. She is social, surrounded by family, friends, and good friends. She is invited everywhere and is an integral part of their circle. She is well-spoken, talkative, and has a thirst for knowledge, speaking extensively about whatever she knows well. She has great articulation, insight, and perception. She cares about how she looks and most of all wants to please her chosen one. She has sex appeal and always smells of purity, elegance, and harmony. That is why her lover admired her and that is why he fell in love with her.
Rozzlobený muž
At first, the beloved despot discovers his territory with his beloved, sees through her personality and is dazzled by her behavior. His personality is associated with sociopathic behavior. He likes his victims, is enthusiastic, and is exactly the type he is looking for. A beautiful, confident, smart, lonely woman with a balanced past. He is captivated by her. She literally brings his victims to him out of the blue. He writes to her frequently, putting in only nice words, paying attention, and not caring at first. His confession is that of a poet who cannot refuse her for his attention and affection.
Pěst na ruce
He tells her of support, love, and security for the rest of his life. His sensuality in the act of love is completely flawless. He lives by the motto, “The birds sing well when they are caught.” But his victim does not know this. She falls more and more in love with him. She is happy and believes everything he says. She has been alone for a long time and her emotional deficiencies are at a fluctuating low. Now she has found someone who understands, comprehends, and loves her. When she wakes up from her dream, it is too late. She begins to discard her rose-colored glasses. The first blow comes after months of utter bliss and happiness. The beloved begins to show her claws. At first, small explosions. Then an all-night tirade of threats, accusations, screams, and insults. He is the dominant commander here and is beginning to decide everything for himself. His speeches are worthy of a madman. He screams, insults, accuses, lies, cheats, changes his words, and a wave of hatred completely overwhelms her. She is no longer allowed to speak unless he allows it. Everything must be done according to him. Her expertise, her opinions suddenly become bullshit, and everything she says is scorned. Her friends are scoundrels who have taken advantage of her for years. To maintain her peace, she limits her contact with her friends. He no longer holds his girlfriend\’s hand, flirts with other women with complete confidence in front of her, and is downright underhanded when his girlfriend is embarrassed. He begins to attack his family and his accusations against them are an excruciating blow below the lover\’s belt. You are not what you used to be, look at others, you are really stupid, wicked, lying, cheating, and acting like a whore. It\’s a constant stream of falsehoods and slander. His explosions are cyclical. When he explodes, he ends it all, asks to see his beloved a few days later, when he knows that his beloved forgives him, he becomes kind for a while, as if bartering, and then his behavior repeats itself. The beloved falls in love, stops wearing glasses, stops acting fearfully, becomes afraid of offending the beloved, silently agrees, obeys his obedience, and is completely alone. She has no friends or family. She does not speak of her needs and wishes. She feels old, desperate, stupid, and weak. The only people around are the derelict boyfriends.


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