How to overcome back pain. By Regular Exercise.

Back, neck, and cervical pain and the resulting headaches are among the most common health problems today. Contributing factors include extremely high levels of stress and sedentary work (or in the case of physical labor, a “sedentary” way to spend one\’s leisure time). These problems are the most common cause of hospitalization with a doctor\’s visit and subsequent inability to work. Much more frequently than a few years ago, we are also seeing chronic problems that develop because people tend to ignore these symptoms.

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A little physiology

Why does back, neck, and cervical pain occur? Why sedentary work is generally considered the worst. It\’s all based on human anatomy and physiology. If you suffer from it, know that you have a flaccid musculature. This is especially true of the muscle groups responsible for correct posture. Most affected are the interscapular, cervical, and lumbar muscles. These muscles become weak and, in the case of lumbar shortening, overload different parts of the spine. As a result, the vertebrae are unable to relate to each other with absolute precision, deviate, and compress the spinal cord. If this is ignored, there is even a risk that one of the vertebrae will collapse, rupture, or shift in such a way that the discs between the vertebrae will dislocate, permanently limiting mobility. Unilateral overloading (physically demanding work) is another common cause of spinal misalignment
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Sports for health

It follows logically from the above that the only help for you (especially in the early stages) is exercise! . You do not need to take up sports right away, but regular strengthening and compensatory exercises can restore full structural changes to your spine and restore your body\’s functionality within a few weeks. Emphasis should be placed on slowly strengthening the muscles of the upper shoulder and upper arm and stretching the lumbar spine. Equally important, however, are the surrounding muscle groups. These are often the cause of weakness in the body\’s passageways.

Therefore, the focus should be on strengthening the entire body. Exercises suitable for advanced users, e.g.

Overhead press

Push-ups with dumbbells Indent – 18. 0pt;mso-list: l0 level1 lfo1″>Balancing exercises on a barefoot ball

Forefoot with rubber expanders Exercises

Pull-ups, shifts

Static stretching, yoga