Have a good relationship with yourself, before

When you walk past a mirror, you don\’t even stop. You don\’t. In fact, you have not shown any interest in yourself for a long time. You are suffering, and your inner self is suffering. Whatever you have been through, stop and breathe. There is more to you than you can imagine.
pár v zasněžené noci

Being alone is not loneliness. We are not hooks on which to hang something. Let us imagine ourselves as a rock. Such rocks are formed by weathering, erosion, and gravity shifts. Each rock formed differently, under different conditions. Just as we humans do. Before we even think about making a couple, we should be sure of ourselves. Our greatest support… Be as strong a rock as possible. To want to fight all the “erosion” that has befallen us. It is still in us. And they are screaming. Disappointment, anguish, depression, trauma…… These and other things we have to fight in our lives. And do we fight? We should not impose our burdens on our partners. That seems like an easy thing to do, and it is easier said than done, for the two of us to pull it off together. But what you need to know before you start dating is that your partner can and probably will carry his own “knot” as well. He also carries the scars of his past. Perhaps he also has open wounds in the present. But you can deal with that. You need to support each other.

But you don\’t have to be alone. Our loved ones may not always understand everything we say, but they will certainly try to do their best for you. Take the advice of your friends and loved ones. Special situations require special solutions.
muž v zrcadle
There is strength in every person

To stand without support, we need to be ourselves. Only then can you support someone else. For friends, family, and soul mates. Remember that everyone has a past, seasons, and sometimes so many seasons that we lose our strength. Hopefully someone will reach out to you. Sometimes they will, sometimes they won\’t. So let\’s fight. So let\’s fight, let\’s give it our all, for your sake! For your healthy (future) relationship. You can be strong, stronger than the rock itself.