Everyone has a cell phone

I remember a time when there were no cell phones at all. I also remember us little kids standing outside with our balls and playing all sorts of games. We didn\’t even know we had cell phones back then. Like computers, video games, PlayStation, and things like that. At the time, all we knew was the Discman or Walkman. Do you still remember the Walkman? If so, you must be in your 30s or older these days. I think everyone has a cell phone now and uses it properly. I also remember when cell phones seemed to proliferate around here and were still quite rare. I can\’t imagine living in that era again when there were no cell phones. It must have been hard!

Konečně mám smart mobil.

And anyone who had a cell phone in their teens was considered king, totally popular and cool. But it just so happened that when things were all the rage, cell phones were often stolen too. I remember having my cell phone stolen too. It was a very expensive cell phone that I got for my birthday, and I was very frustrated, wondering how it could be stolen. I barely had the cell phone I got for my birthday for a month.

Mobil je součást našich životů.

And I don\’t even want to imagine how my parents cursed when I told them my phone was stolen. But the worst part was that my cell phone was stolen in a disco, which was really strictly forbidden by my parents. So my parents didn\’t double back immediately. I was sorry. But luckily a miracle happened and after 4 days someone returned my cell phone. Probably someone regretted or felt sorry for stealing someone\’s expensive cell phone. So one day the cell phone arrived in our mailbox. And even my parents