Entrepreneurship is only for the persistent

and we often hear amazing stories of how someone rose from absolute rock bottom to the top. How does someone without a shred of talent or education start their own company, get a few smart brains, and rise to the top of the social ladder? It is a dream come true story that gives each of us a chance and hope for success. Everyone would love to have it, but common sense must see that it can never be a reality. If business is truly successful , why do hundreds or thousands of people spend their timein jobs they often don\’t enjoy?
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Of course, there may be reasons such as laziness, reluctance, or fear of entrepreneurship, but the simplest and wisest solution is that entrepreneurship is simply not for everyone and cannot be for everyone. It is a world like any other, where individual companies evolve, compete with each other, create new technologies, and weak individuals simply drop out from the start. This may sound harsh, but just as in nature, weak individuals are weeded outand only the strong survive.
With the advent of the Internet, the philosophy and power of companies have changed dramatically. In the past, the physical form of a company, its personal contact with customers, and its beautiful space mattered. Today, it is no longer necessary to show the actual shape of the machines in production or how beautifully a store is decorated. As in all other industries, business, production, and sales now take place on the Internet . However, it is often difficult to reveal the reality here.
Many companies can take pictures of sites that do not exist, machines that do not exist, or create fictitious employee stories. Therefore, various means had to be developedto assure everyone that the documented and published data is indeed true.
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Today, doing business is much easier than before, but essentially nothing has changed. It remains a brutal struggle between different companies offering similar products. They are still trying to attract customers in a more or less dishonorable way so that they can sell their products and thereby make pre-planned profits.